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Environmental Silicone Softener for Textile use

RX-12558 is non-toxic and non-heavy metals which comply with modern environmental requirements. Introduction : RX-12558 was Multi-function organic-silicone fluid softener,it Imparts durable, wash resistant to fibers, textures and leathers. Traditional softeners (e.g. amino-functional si


Introduction: RX-12520 Anti-fog agents is a special hydrophilic nano-emulsion polymer. That prevents the condensation of water in the form of small droplets on a surface which resemble fog. RX-12520 Anti-fog agents could be used in many areas such as glass or plastic surfaces, helmet goggles

our silicone will be used on the yellow and blue part

Additional two component type Silicone Rubber/Gel for LED ,IC Encapsulating / Packageing use Code No. RAY-8636 in 1: 1 ratio Introductions : Due to the energy saver, best brightness and higher powder LEDs was applied on very field,as general illumination backlight for LCD, and Automotive li

About Us

Our company established in 1984. We are the Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, OEM/ODM.
Major products: 1. Building decoration material, such as Flexible Panel Board with V-groove, Solid Wood Molding, Solid Wood Shelf Set and other OEM business of wood products and building material
2. Metallic Rigid Sheet with Self-Adhesive
3. Silicone resin/gel/Sealant for LED Encapsulation, Organic Silicone Softener
4. Geogrid, Geotextile, Geocomposites and Erosion Control Products for construction industry
5. PU/PVC Leather, PVC sheeting and Metallic PU/PVC material for different usage
6. High Purity Industrial Nitrogen Gas (N2) Generator and Air Compressors

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