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Last Update:2018-03-21

Our company established in 1984. We are the Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, OEM/ODM.
Major products: 1. Building decoration material, such as Flexible Panel Board with V-groove, Solid Wood Molding, Solid Wood Shelf Set and other OEM business of wood products and building material
2. Metallic Rigid Sheet with Self-Adhesive
3. Silicone resin/gel/Sealant for LED Encapsulation, Organic Silicone Softener
4. Geogrid, Geotextile, Geocomposites and Erosion Control Products for construction industry
5. PU/PVC Leather, PVC sheeting and Metallic PU/PVC material for different usage
6. High Purity Industrial Nitrogen Gas (N2) Generator and Air Compressors

Basic Information

  • Business Type:Exporter,Importer,Manufacturer,OEM,ODM,Agent
  • Year Established:1984
  • Capital: TWD 5,000,001 - 10,000,000
  • Tel (1):+886-2-27514190
  • Tel (2):+886-2-27514190
  • Zip Code:104
  • Address:5F.-1, No.60, Sec. 2, Pa Te Rd., Jongshan District, Taipei City 105
  • Brand:Carol, Lesel, GoalSun, Rayex
  • Main Product:Panel Board, Wooden Molding, Drink Shelf Set,PVC Sheeting,Metallic Rigid Sheet,Silicone Resin,Artificial Leather,artificial machine and know how,non woven cloth,building material
  • Main Export Market:Asia,Middle East,Europe,North America,Oceania,Mauritius,Nigeria,South Africa,Zimbabwe,United States of America,Dominica,Dominican Republic,Guatemala,Mexico,Panama,El Salvador,Chile,Paraguay,Australia,Fiji,New Zealand,Bangladesh,Indonesia,India,Japan,Malaysia,Pakistan,Singapore,Thailand,Taiwan, ROC,Viet Nam,United Arab Emirates,Iran,Jordan,Lebanon,Syrian Arab Republic,Austria,Belgium,Germany,Denmark,Spain,France,France, Metropolitan,United Kingdom,Greece,Hungary,Ireland,Iceland,Netherlands,Norway,Portugal,Russian Federation,Sweden,Slovakia (Slovak Republic),Serbia and Montenegro,Cameroon,Egypt,Canada,Brazil,Sri Lanka,Saudi Arabia,Italy


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