【CAROL YOUNG】Multi-function Column Drink Shelf Set Safe More Space Solid Red Oak Wood

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294-13 + 294-14
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Key Features

1) Easy DIY installation with adhesive.
2) Fit the column or pole perfectly.
3) Can be colored or painted to match interior style.
4) Can be installed on the pole or column for multi -purpose usage: to put on the drink, cup, dish and potted plant..ect.
5) Other kinds of solid wood for choice.
6) A practical and beautiful decoration for the interior design.

Plate - two halves, diameter 17.5", inside 0.5" radius cut, hole in 3.5"/4"/4.5"
Shelf - width 4", length 8", thickness 20mm, outside 0.375" radius cut, hole in 10mm

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Product is MADE IN TAIWAN not in CHINA.


Things you will need:
1) Drink Shelf Kit (2 Table Top Halves, 4 Supports, 2 Zip-Ties)
2) Caulking Gun with Tube of Construction Adhesive
3) Sanding Block with Fine Grit Sand Paper
4) Utility Knife or Razor Blade
5) Pencil
6) Tape Measure

Step 1:Measure the height of where you want your Drink Shelf. Mark one of the vertical panels with your pencil at 3/4 inch below this measurement to accommodate the thickness of the Top Shelf  as a guideline. Table Height is 30 inches and Bar Height is 42 inches (so for Table Height you would mark at 29-1/4 inches).

Step 2:Use one of the supports as a guide, mark again below at the length of the Support. Do the same for the other three supports choosing vertical panels that are spaced evenly around the pole. Sand the length of the vertical panels between the marks with fine grit sand paper .

Step 3:Thread one of the two Zip-Ties that were included in you package so that all four supports are held as shown. Wrap the assembly around your pole and loosely connect the Zip-Tie. Position the four Supports over the sanded areas and lighten the Zip-Tie just enough to hold the four Supports from sliding down.

Step 4: Pull the bottom of each Support away from the pole while applying construction adhesive on the sanded area. Use about a 1/8 inch bead of adhesive. Lightly press the four Supports into the beads of construction adhesive and apply another bead of construction adhesive along the top of all four Supports. Wrap and lightly snug the second Zip-Tie around the bottom portion of the four Supports to hold them in place.

Step 5 : Place one of the table Top halves on top of two of the Supports and run another bead of construction adhesive along the edge where the two halves will meet. Next position the other Table Top half over the other two supports and press the two Table Top halves firmly together.

Step 6: Now it is very important that you take time to make sure all of the Drink Shelf components are positioned correctly before you fully tighten the Zip-Ties and allow the adhesive to dry. Bump each of the four Supports, a little at a time, either up or down until the Table Top shelf is level and makes full contact with the top surface of each Support. Eyeball the Supports and make sure all are perpendicular to the Table Top.

Step 7: Allow the adhesive to dry overnight. Cut away the two Zip-Ties and trim any excess adhesive with your utility knife or razor blade.

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